Door Styles

We are asked often what our most popular door style is. While that changes, often, we can say with full confidence two styles in particular have our customers smitten!


MDF (One Piece , paintable) SHAKER:

This style is often times referred to as the “farm house” look with it’s simple design. It has grown in popularity after Joanna Gaines has turned “farm house”  into the new way of life in the South. The SHAKER style comes with a simplistic edge as well as flat panel look. What I like most about it is it appears to be easier to clean being as how there are no crooks and spaces for dust to get in!

MDF (One Piece, paintable) MITER:

This door is not lacking in the design department. Our MITERed doors give a more sophisticated look to any kitchen. We often times here new home owners refer to this design as “fancy” and they couldn’t be more right. If you’re looking for a way to add chic design to your kitchen without having to spend your entire kitchen budget, our one piece miter is the way to go!

While both of these looks can be found in any material, we are one of the only cabinet shops that have designed these to be cut as paintable one piece. This means that the doors have a better turn around time AND a better price tag. What a steal!


If you’re interested in giving a room in your house a more simplistic look, or a more chic look for a better price, give us a call today. We’d love to help you turn your home into a “Fixer Upper” work of art!

Another Update



Hey ya’ll (for the  non-Southerners, you all)

We hope you have had an amazing summer. To be honest we are thankful that the summer heat is moving behind us as it is incredibly hot out in our shop. If you know someone who works outside, in a hot shop, etc. be sure and thank them! It’s brutal but our crew are champs.

A little update on what is to come for CP&W and how it’ll benefit you!


  • We are finalizing our new ordering system THIS WEEK!!! (Fingers crossed). The goal of using a new ordering system is to make it more user friendly on the part of our customer and more accurate for our shop floor as well. We are hoping to eliminate common misunderstandings through the ease of this process. While we know that takes time, we are excited for you all to be able to give us as much feedback as possible. Look for our new “order” button to be added to the webpage!
  • European Style Cabinets. A lot of our customers don’t know that we build European (also known as Frameless style) cabinets. We do this for many reasons but no reason more so than we like the way the look. The European style has a “cleaner” look and provides more space. Why wouldn’t you want a more stylish and better functioning cabinet? Give us a call for more information at 501-778-2739.

  • Paint/MDF Shaker doors. We are now offering our Shaker (simple) style door in paintable MDF wood.

  • Paint/MDF miter doors. Miter doors are something newer we offer. These fancier doors have been a huge hit in all species of wood so we decided to find a way to cut them on the CNC router with paintable MDF wood.

What would you, our customer, like to see? Any updates on social media? A different door style? More moulding options? Let us know anytime by emailing us at

Shaker Gothic

One of our latest projects, a shaker style door with gothic glass. This was for a home in Mt. Ida.

Now, I just want to go cook up a snack, pour a drink, and cozy up to the fireplace (even if it is 90 degress today) and admire the beautiful craftsmanship that went into this home.

If you are looking for a fun way to modernize your home, shaker style is the way to go. This style is simple, elegant, and popular! The gothic glass doors add a fun surprise to the mix, making your kitchen (or bar, entertainment center, etc.) stand out.

If you want to make your dream Shaker style Gothic kitchen a reality, call us at 501-778-2739. We would love to make your dreams come true!