Zebra Wood matched grain

Here are the final pictures of a collaboration project CP&W did. We teamed up with an exotic veneer specialist (and incredibly talented designer) from here in central Arkansas, Tommy Farrell. Tommy and his team did incredible work!! 

What we loved most about this project (besides being able to team up with Farrell and the view of the place) was the creative work that went into making this condo have a modern pop to it.
This gorgeous wine rack was on of our favorite parts of the overall project (and no, we didn’t do any wine tasting). Currently thinking every house needs a wine cabinet as amazing as this one!
What home doesn’t need a “hidden” spice rack?? I love how clean and classic this looks inside the kitchen. Plus, you never have to ask your taller husband to reach your spices for you!
I think someone could do some major damage in this kitchen for Thanksgiving!
This is a special condo that overlooks the River Market, the Arkansas River, and Verizon arena. Talk about a view.

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